Saturday, July 22, 2017


Do you remember club sandwiches at Hot Shoppes restaurants? This club sandwich makes a complete dinner. It is believed that the sandwich was created in 1894 a the Saratoga Club House (a gentlemen only gambling house) in upstate Saratoga Spring, New York.

6 slices good sandwich bread, toasted
Green leaf lettuce
4 slices tomato
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 T sun-dried tomatoes, packed in oil and finely minced
2 thin slices ham (I used Black Forest)
4 slices of roasted chicken breast or turkey (I grilled a chicken breast on the barbecue grill)
4 slices Swiss cheese (I used Emmenthaler)

Arrange 3 slices of toasted bread in a row on a large cutting board.
Spread mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread. 
Add some lettuce to each slice.

Top the first slice of bread with 2 tomato slices, and season with salt and pepper.
Then add 2 slices of bacon. 

Place the second slice on top of bacon, and spread the top of the slice with a little more mayonnaise.
Spread on half of the sun-dried tomatoes and add some lettuce.
Top with ham, chicken or turkey and finally 2 slices of cheese.
Season again with salt and pepper and top with final slice of bread.

Secure the sandwich with 4 cocktail picks.
Repeat to make a second sandwich.

Cut the bread into triangles and serve with potato chips, if desired.

Makes 2 triple-decker club sandwiches to serve 2 to 4